Pastor Dan Bursch
Pastor Dan Bursch joined the Lifespring team in January of 2010, and became our senior pastor in September of 2012.
He started leading worship at his big brother’s church when he was 17, and spent five years as a Creative Arts Director and Music Pastor in Spokane, Washington before moving back to the South Puget Sound area. 
Dan loves God and is passionate about worshiping the Lord and helping others worship Him as well. 
Married to the love of his life, Mary, Dan can’t help but to keep smiling because of his daughters Ava and Addy and step-son Trevan.

The Bursch’s are excited to be a part of a church that is reaching the communities of Fife, Milton and Edgewood.

Fav childhood TV show:  Knight Rider

Fav All-Time Movie:  Saving Private Ryan

Music Artist or Album most likely found playing in your car in high school:  Enya, U2, Jars of Clay

Music Artist or Album most likely found playing in your car today: Clifford goes over the mountain, BRAVE soundtrack

Something most people might not know about you:  I applied for the CIA (didn’t get the job…or did I?)

Best thing somebody’s ever said to you:  “I do”

Fav Scripture:  Galatians 5.13 (My life verse… big time!), “You my brothers were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather serve one another in love.”

Thing you find most fascinating about God:

 That He hears me when I call.