In 2020, we’re joining a world-wide community who will be speaking the words of the Bible together across cities, countries, and continents. Each day, a short passage will be read in multiple languages OUT LOUD so that all the earth can hear about the greatness of our God.

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3 Ways to Follow Along:

There are different ways you can follow along with the 2020 Bible Reading Plan. Use whichever method you find most helpful.

1. Download the BIBLE 2020 APP (Recommended)

* Android | CLICK HERE


2. Download the PDF of the full plan and keep it with you on your phone, computer or tablet. The PDF has all the year’s dates with each day’s reading assignment listed alongside.

3. If you’re more of a paper person, you can pick up a printed copy of the plan at church so you can read along with us.

Please watch the video below and check out for more information


If you prefer a “Bible-in-a-Year” plan, we have created a Lifespring “Life Journal Reading Plan” group. We encourage you to SIGNUP HERE